Labor & Employment

Unions, business and employees all have different rights and regulations affecting them.  Our attorneys understand the different situations and environments facing these three groups.  Illinois Advocates believes that our clients are best served when they are represented by attorneys who have experience and competence in serving the full spectrum of clients under labor and employment.

Illinois Advocates has several experienced attorneys in the field of labor law, employment law and employee benefits law. Our attorneys include former union representatives and multiemployer benefit fund trustees with combined decades of experience working directly for unions.

Our clients include large private and public-sector unions. Our attorneys have the experience and competence to help our clients with the growing challenges US labor unions face.

In addition to our collective bargaining work and labor relations, our attorneys help clients navigate the complex system of employment laws and regulation to assist individual employees and businesses.

For individuals, our attorneys will ensure that our clients’ rights are protected and they are treated fairly by employers and government bodies.   

For businesses, we ensure compliance with a web of regulations that businesses face.


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